Inspection Process

Before reserving an inspection service, please ensure that our partner is eligible to accompany you at the dealership. If the dealership rejects our partner and you still go ahead with the reservation, please request a refund no later than 2 business days before the reservation date. Otherwise, you may receive a partial or no refund.


Step 1

1. Search an used car from online website or offline

When buying a used car, you can search online or offline. Online platforms offer convenience, a wide selection, and search filters for preferences.

2. Contact to a dealership and ask the dealer to accompany with a mechanic

Contact the dealership to express interest in a car and inquire about bringing a mechanic for inspection. A thorough assessment can reveal potential issues that may not be obvious to buyers.

If the dealership refuses, consider avoiding them, as it may indicate hidden problems. Prioritize transparency and make an informed decision with a comprehensive inspection.

3. If you already purchased your used car from online, you still definitely need pre-purchase inspection. Go to step 2

Even if you've already bought a used car online, it's still crucial to get a pre-purchase inspection. Normally, if you already bought car from online, you will be given 7 - 10 days to get full refunds. Within the periods, get our inspection and make a final decision.

Step 2


1. Visit to find our mechanic expert

Discover expert mechanics at our website. Connect with highly skilled professionals who offer top-notch service for your vehicle. Have confidence in the quality of workmanship and care provided.


2. Search nearby mechanics from the location of the dealership, and make a reservation

Ensure a thorough pre-purchase inspection by finding nearby mechanics through our website. Connect with trusted experts for evaluating the vehicle you're interested in.

Step 3


1. Meet our partner mechanic on the spot or dealership

Our mechanics can provide valuable insights, conduct thorough inspections, and offer expert advice on the vehicles you're interested in. With their guidance, you can make well-informed decisions and gain a deeper understanding of the cars' conditions.


2. During Pre-Purchase inspection

Inspection service take 1 hour. We are prioritizing the thoroughness of the inspection. This allows them to carefully examine the car from multiple angles and conduct various tests to ensure a comprehensive evaluation.

Remember, a pre-purchase inspection are concentrating steps in uncovering any potential issues and making an informed decision. Please be patient until our mechanic finishes the inspection to finalize the pre inspection and ensures that no hidden mechanical problems go unnoticed.


3. After inspection

After the inspection, our partner mechanic will provide a detailed evaluation report, including findings, identified issues, severity, and recommendations. Review the report carefully and ask our partner mechanic for any clarifications needed. They are available to offer expert guidance and ensure you fully understand the vehicle's condition.