Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section serves as a valuable resource for customers seeking quick answers to common queries. This page consolidates recurring questions and provides concise, informative responses to address clients’ concerns. Clients can find quick answers to questions about services, pricing, refund, troubleshooting steps, and more.


How service process works?

First, find a vehicle you want to buy, and check with the dealer or seller if you can bring one of our partner mechanics for inspection. If they refuse, consider other sellers or dealers as they may be hiding critical issues. Then, visit to book a partner mechanic based on your brand, time, and preferences. Kindly greet our partner mechanic when you meet.

How refund process works?

We understand that unexpected situations may arise, leading to changes in your reservation. Whether it's a schedule change, unforeseen issues with our partner, or a seller's refusal of inspection services, we've got you covered. You can cancel your reservation up to 2 days before the scheduled date. For example, if you reserved for June 6, make sure to cancel before June 4 to be eligible for a refund. Reservations made within 2 days of June 6 are not eligible for refunds. Once you submit a refund request, please allow 5-6 business days for processing. Keep in mind that a 10% service fee will be deducted from the final refund amount.

I am not satisfied with pre inspection service

As a general rule, once the pre-inspection services are completed and the reports are finalized, we cannot provide a refund for the reservation. However, if our partner mechanic fails to inspect any section of the inspection report, we will issue a full refund, as promised.

Does mexpert inspection guarantee discounts of car price?

Dear customers, we want to emphasize that our promise is to provide the best vehicle inspection service to help you make informed decisions about the true value of the car. We aim to assist you in identifying any potential mechanical issues or maintenance costs in the near future, which may lead to additional discounts. However, please note that we cannot guarantee 100% discounts from the car price, and we will not negotiate with dealers and sellers for discounts. Our primary purpose is to offer an objective and unbiased evaluation of the vehicle as a third-party perspective, focused on thorough inspections and providing valuable insights, rather than negotiating discounts for you.

Does mexpert inspection guarantee 100% reliable car purchase?

We offer full refunds for inspection services if there are any accuracy issues. However, it's important to understand that we are not able to provide full reimbursements for other issues, such as traffic accidents or vehicle malfunctions. These events can result from a combination of factors beyond our control. Therefore, we cannot guarantee protections or compensations after you purchase vehicles. It's worth noting that breakdowns or accidents may be influenced by various factors, including driver skills and external circumstances. During our inspections, we do not disassemble vehicles or perform test driving, which may present definite limitations. Despite our thorough evaluation, there might still be unforeseen issues that could emerge later. We encourage you to carefully consider the inspection report and make an informed decision based on the available information.