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Still buying used cars without Inspection?

Get Mexpert Concierge Pre-Purchase Inspection before purchase

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Looking to buy a lemon-free 🍋 used car? Are you confident about it?

Have you heard of “Title Washing”? Although a used car has been “certified” and sold with a warranty or service contract, the car might hide major issues. Title Washing is an intentional practice that hides a car's previous defective history and makes it appear cleaner than it actually is.

United States Government 🇺🇸, Carfax Canada 🇨🇦 highly recommend Pre-Purchase Inspection

Both the United States Government FTC and Carfax Canada highly recommend getting a Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) before making a purchase. With a PPI, you can gain valuable insights into the vehicle's condition, ensuring whether you buy the car. Don't hesitate to get a PPI. Get our reliable pre inspection services, and save repair cost, get discounts.